What started out as an experiment, soon turned into a community. Rabbi Gabriel Botnick and I met in rabbinical school, and there was an instant connection and understanding between us Judaism needs constant refreshing in order to honor the richness of its rituals, custom and culture. We came together to explore the boundaries of prayer, and once musician Brock Pollock joined the team, Na'or was born.
2nd Fridays are ambient and twinkle-lit, with music that will pump through your soul. The service is book-free, in order to leave room for dancing and movement - as the words are projected by transparency for all to see. The freel free environment is inviting, inclusive and welcoming for both the novice and experienced davener (pray-er). Prayer services are free and open to all.
After Friday services, we host a Soulful Supperclub, vegetarian multi-course meal with wine and dessert (RSVP required).
1st Saturdays are our newer service and begin with a birkot hashakhar of the body - Jewish kundalini yoga (Judahlini) lead by Joshua Reitzenstein - connecting us to our breath the physical and spiritual. Where we do use a beautiful siddur, our prayers and chants are easy to learn and join in on. Torah service features reading and text study, group aliyot with blessings and communal discussion. After a delicious (and free) kiddish lunch, we extend our Shabbat gathering with spiritual side trip, Realize Paradise with Rachel Kann. Come to all parts of our service, or just one! We are truly here to help deepen the experience of Shabbat, in a progressive, spiritual and soul-filled way.
We are excited about the tragectory of Na'or, and are open to offering our services in more venues through the month. If you are looking to add a unique service experience for your community, please contact me!