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Weight Issues? Try Oxygen

Many great teachers have said that breath is the source of life.  If we are not breathing, we are presumably – yep, you guessed it – DEAD.

So how do we CELEBRATE life?


But, let’s face it.   Not all of us are set up for daily doses of deep breathing – nor are we living in areas with the freshest of air flow (ahem…LA anyone?!). So what do we do!?

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When the body endures any amounts of stress, one of the most common responses to do is to hold our breath. By holding our breath however, we are attempting to resist the natural flow of life.     Point blank – our emotional/mental weight not only increases in pounds  -  but it shows!    Try holding your breath for a few seconds and see what I mean!

Its to easy to be “weighed down” by circumstances in our life.  Learning to BREATHE (as my father loves to remind me before a big test in school!) through big challenges, we are able to handle them MUCH easier.

Over the years, I have come to find that for me oxygen/circulation is one of the most important things in vibrant living. On the reverse, cancer, from what I understand it to be, are massive energies that lack air flow, circulation or oxygen.

So, why is this important?

We can only be fully functioning aware peoples when we are FUELED BY OXYGEN.

I just started taking Oxy-Oxc – A Specially Formulated Magnesium Peroxide Compound with Oxygen Enhancement and Pro-xidant C with Biofavonoids – and I am already feeling such a difference!

I feel like I have more room to stretch my  body and I’m even laughing more.  Suffice it to say…that my system seems to be working even better than before.  Its only been a few days, but I think it’s starting to work in my brain, too!

If you are battling with stress or anxiety, and you find that your physical body often mimics the way that you feel (bloated, confused, stuck) – I highly recommend this product!

To learn more about this stellar product, visit Pure Joy Planet.

May your burdens be lifted and filled with rich oxygen!

To big breaths and beyond…



I am not a doctor and I am not a medical professional.  None of this information here within is medical guidance or a source to cure medical problems.   Please enjoy this free information with care and love!