B’nai Mitzvah Tutoring

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Bima Sedona

It can be an overwhelming (and exciting!) time for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah student to prepare for the big day.   I take great pride in shaping each lesson to you or your child’s specific needs, while creating a fun and supportive atmosphere to learn in.

Ilana 1-cropA 6 month weekly preparation period works best.  The talmid (student) will learn trope (cantillation, ritual chanting) for both Torah and Haftorah reading,  all required  blessings, the week’s Torah parsha (usually 2-4 aliyahs worth) and the full Haftorah.  My goal is to help your child (or you) reach the spiritual essence of the celebration and preparation, so that this incredible transition in your life is memorable, profound and positively impactful for both the B’nai Mitzvah and family.

Preparing to become Bar or Bat Mitzvah takes a LOT of work, patience and time.  It is never easy.  There is a foreign language involved, melodies that are unfamiliar to the ear, ancient text that can be tough to pronounce….and over all, it can be a challenging time for anyone, let alone a 12/13-year-old! My goal is to make sure it is an easy (and enjoyable!) process for everyone involved.




  • An initial consultation to discuss the simcha, details of th
    e parsha and services requirements
  • A weekly/bi-weekly one-on-one sessions (or as often as permits)
  • Easy to follow, call and response recordings of the Torah portion, Haftorah and the trope, as well as any service requirements.
  • A timeline of goals over-viewing our process together.  This helps to ensure the student (and parents) are comfortable with the amount of work needed for fulfilling the roles of a Bar/Bat Mitzah….Lots to do!
  • Day-of-ceremony support (officiating services are available as well).

Here’s to your successful celebration! I look forward to assisting you through this simcha (joyful celebration) with you and your family!