Life Rearranged

I have been super blessed and fortunate that for the last five weeks, as I have slowly been adjusting to LA life- I have had some really close girlfriends stay with me.  Coming out here, I’ve had no vehicle since my husband (Yosef) and I only have one-and he’s needing it in Arizona.  I remember the day he left from dropping me off here. It was the second day of my summer Hebrew intensive program, and I was officially car-less and living alone (for the first time ever).  We were going to be spending the summer apart as we make our move/transition out here permanently.

Quickly, I began to develop my own patterns – wake up, walk to school in 3 minutes- head to conversation class from 9am-noon, come home for lunch  - and head back to grammar class from 1pm-3pm.  I’d have about 2 hours of homework a night – squeeze in an hour at the gym – dinner, shower and bed time!  It became such a nice rhythm.

Just as I was getting used to being completely alone, independent and occasionally having to ask someone for a ride to the grocery store, my girlfriend Amanda came to visit unexpectantly!    Together, we’d go to dinner, take walks down Ventura, work out… it became so much fun to start having a life outside of school.  Not too much, as I really enjoy my studies, but enough to get me out of the house and remembering to live life too.

Then, last weekend I was able to go visit my hubby in AZ and spend 4 days/3 nights in complete bliss.  During that time, Amanda headed back to Texas.  However, since Yosef and I are still in the process of moving out here (so I can go to school at The American Jewish University) my girlfriend Rachel was able to help me out by loading up her Honda Element with a but of bigger things we can’t fit into our Nissan Versa.  What a blessing!  So, Rachel has been here for the last week as I finished up school.  Ever day I’d come home to an extravagantly-home-made delicious lunch prepared!  I’m telling you…she spoiled me!  I even came home one day and the apartment was rearranged!  And it looked great, too.

So it’s been awesome having her here, as she is a very close friend from the last 3 years of being in Patagonia.  And just yestrday (Friday morning) I completed my Hebrew class final!  So…finally a time to rest!

Today Rachel left for a weekend in San Diego- so now its just me.   Tonight I was finally able, after so many weeks of people in and out of my apartment – to stay up late and completely rearrange the apartment!  Put a bunch of my love into it….and I’m loving it!!

Sometimes, we just need to ruffle up the feathers!

I’ll be here in LA for another week before heading back to AZ for a few weeks.  I’ve just been so blessed and fortunate to have all these wonderful people surrounding and supporting me!  Cousins, friends, new aquaintences….I’m truly learning to love my new life here, and I can’t WAIT for my husband to join me!

Until next time!



Private Readings


A gifted intuitive and healer, Aviva began facilitating in the Healing Arts as a young teen.  Creating a sacred space, sessions with Aviva are fulfilling and clarifying.  Illuminating hindering shadows that are often the cause of pain, disease, worthiness or desperation (to name a few), Aviva’s gift in bringing awareness and compassion to life will inspire you to release these limiting beliefs  - empowering you to step into your fullest Light.   She is also a Clairvoyant Medium working with those on the other side, as well as a Spirit Guide & Arc Angel Communicator. Tarot readings also available.

Every session is uniquely catered to the individual.  Aviva is also available for parties and events.

30 Minutes = $45   /   60 Minutes* = $80

* Recommended

Sessions are available on the phone, through skype or in person (Los Angeles area)

Sinking In

It’s finally sinking in.  I have come to California to fulfill a dream….a vision…a guidance from a higher source….and even though I have incredible support, I have to do this alone.  No one is going to write my papers for me. No one else will take tests in my name, but me.  No one else will show up for daily minyan on my behalf.  I am the one who must show up for class, write the papers, pray daily and study.  I am the only who is going to fulfill this goal of mine – and it will take every bit of effort, breath and strength in me to complete it.

Even though I am signed up for a potentially six year program, something in me feels like years will fly by.  I’m sure that in the process, it will feel like forever – but being kept so busy makes everything fly by.  I just completed my first week of summer school – and in regular school terms, that’s about a month of studies.   SO much information in such little time!

But, I must say that I’m writing tonight with many emotions.  First off, moving here requires us to place two of our cats in another home.  I am absolutely broken about it.  I love those creatures as if they were my own children.  I do wish I could give them more….I wish I could give them the world.  They are sacred and special…..and are so spiritually connected to me.  This is especially on my mind tonight because Yosef left to go back to Arizona today.

I haven’t been without Yosef, first off, in 4 and a half years.  I haven’t been without Gio in 7 years.  I have never been on my own  (so to speak) in nearly 8 years. And even then…what was I, 18??? Now, I’m 26 years old, soon to be 27 and long-term wed…I feel like I’m in a completely different world than I was then.  So what did I do tonight?  (Re)arranged our new apartment and took a bubble bath.  What else would any other woman do?!  So….being without Yosef especially has all the loves of my life are on my mind.  I am so grateful that we’ll be bringing Gio and Precious out here though.  Simba and Neshama….will be greatly missed on so many levels.

Well, here I am now….in Los Angeles, in an apartment up the hill from the University, without a car and no money in my account.  No surprise there, as that’s how I’ve been living for the last 6 years.  It will be interesting to see how these weeks unfold.  I just have to be kind to myself and remember why I’m here; to bring people closer to God within themselves. So must I continue to focus on that, and know all life’s experiences are for the best.

I’m sure I could write forever tonight….but I think that’s good for now. I have a feeling I’ll be writing much more these days….


Gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude – for God and all of creation!



Engaging Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

Engaging & Personal


It can be an overwhelming (and exciting!) time for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah student to prepare for the big day.   I take great pride in shaping each lesson to you or your child’s specific needs, while creating a fun and supportive atmosphere to learn in.

A 6 month weekly preparation period works best.  The talmid will learn trope for both Torah and Haftorah,  all required  blessings, the week’s Torah parsha (usually 2-4 aliyahs worth) and the full Haftorah.  My goal is to help your child (or you) reach the spiritual essence of the celebration and preparation, so that this incredible transition in your life is memorable, profound and positively impactful for both the B’nai Mitzvah and family.

Preparing a bar or bat mitzvah takes a LOT of work, patience and time.  It is never easy.  There is a foreign language involved, melodies that are unfamiliar to the ear, ancient text that can be tough to pronounce….and over all, it can be transformative time for a 12/13-year-old.

That is where I come in!


  • An initial consultation to discuss the simcha, details of the parsha and services requirements
  • A weekly one-on-one sessions (or as often as permits)
  • Easy to follow, call and response audio CDs of the Torah portion, Haftorah and the trope.
  • A timeline of goals over-viewing our process together.  This helps to ensure the student (and parents) are comfortable with the amount of work needed for fulfilling the roles of a Bar/Bat Mitzah….Lots to do!

Here’s to your successful celebration! I look forward to assisting you through this simcha with you and your family!

B’ahvah U’vratzon,


True Love

My Dearest,

It was awesome to meet you today.  I had absolutely no idea that when our eyes met, that we would have hit it off like this. 

Bringing you home was like a birthday present – unwrapping you from your box, sliding off the foamy protection inserts….I could only marvel in your beauty.

I was thrilled to find that when I powered you on that there was plenty of battery life in you.  My, you are just so wonderful.

I am excited for our journey ahead.  Together, may we surf like the geeky html-coding css nerds we are and birth works of pure brilliance!

All my most sincere love,

Your New Buddy

PASSOVER: 4 Sons & 4 Aspects of Self


the 4 Aspects of Self


Retell the story of Exodus from Egypt with 4 glasses of wine, 4 questions and the perspective of the 4 sons.

How do we reflect upon slavery historically and in our daily lives?

Modern Perspective:

The 4 Sons are NOT 4 types of people, but 4 aspects of our selves.

How can we experience freedom in our daily lives and community?



The traditional Haggadah speaks of “four sons”

  • The “wise son” who is able to process the story and ask deep questions about it
  • The “wicked son” who dissociates with the story and challenges the -family- or -community-
  • The “simple son” who wants to understand but doesn’t seem to grasp the depth
  • And, the ”one who does not know to ask” is given an overview in a nutshell.

Personal Inquiry:

What do these “sons” really REPRESENT?

Consider for a moment, the biggest challenge in your current life.  If you can’t think of one, something you’ve struggled with or even the story of Passover.

How do we overcome these obstacles?

  • A “wise self” can see that the current issue exists for a reason. Are we learning the lesson? Without struggle, can we really know freedom?
  • The “wicked self” must embody power, strength and courage to break through the [confines of bondage] or [current realities] to gain real freedom.  The “wicked self”  here is not actually wicked, but awake enough to make changes from oppression to redemption.  Without a fight, can we feel accomplished?  What examples of our modern history (or in your own life) showcase this?
  • However, the “simple self” has the great opportunity to come back to what matters most.  Why are we fighting the fight? Are we moving forward with good reason?
  • But what of the self that “does not know how to ask”? Challenges are so uniquely personal, almost as if they have been divinely inspired.  This is the mystical spark of life that can not be explained through words, but only experienced. For this, we are simply left in awe.

May we each experience new levels of freedom and have a truly meaningful Pesach.


Chag Semach! & Shabbat Shalom….