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God is a verb

BOOK: God is a Verb

What a blessed book this is!  If you have ever been interested in Mystical Judaism/Kabbalah, this is the book for you. I absolutely can not put it down….but I am taking my time with it so as to not finish it too quickly!

This book does ask for a little Judiac background, but if you have none and are interested in learning, you’ll do just fine.

Rabbi David has an incredible way of sharing in God’s love and the “faces” of God we’ve all experienced – or hope to experience.

This book is a great reminder that this world is in fact a magical and mystical place….and there is much more that we don’t know about why.


FILM: The Raw Natural

Think you have problems???  This film will inspire ANYONE to make some positive lifestyle changes!

This review is triple’y exciting for me!

1. This film passionately showcases the power that raw food has on the body! Watch as a man loses his leg….and becomes a world champion in the ParaOlympics.  Moving, inspiring and incredible to see!

2. It was filmed, edited and (co)produced by my dear friend Rachel Prince – a wonderful creative Spirit, Juicing instructor, body worker and health enthusiast. Screenings NOW in ACTION!

3. I’m in it!   Along with my husband,  David Wolf, Dr. Gabriel Cousens and some of the top leaders in the Raw Food movement.  Such an honor!

Check out the trailer below and visit The Raw Natural for more information.