Healing Shouldn’t Hurt

Our journeys are unique, which means our pains and the way we heal are too.  Don’t let the shadows of yesterday cloud the brilliance of tomorrow!  More often than not, the things that stops us from moving forward in life are buried moments from the past.  It is my honor to support you in your “uprooting” – removing what no longer serves in order to create space for something new!

How Does it Work?

With the advancement of technology, our work together can happen in a variety of ways.  In-person sessions are the best, but our work together can be over the phone, video chat and even text message when you’re in  a pinch.

With over a decade of experience working and studying in the realms of spirituality, healing and personal transformation, I’ve learned that this work is not purely intellectual.  Our physical bodies have become effected by our life experiences.  The work we do together will touch all avenues of life: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

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